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Welcome to James Safety Products, We understand that you truly desire to find your way to personal security, NOW, rather than later, and you realize that our products can help you accomplish your goals of giving you and your family personal safety and peace of mind. It is our mission to provide you with high quality and hand tested self defense weapons, security tools and surveillance systems designed to keep you and yours safe. The family is priority number one and we here at James Safety Products look out for one another. When you shop with us you too become part of that Ohana. - You desire the tools needed to help you feel safe when out alone at night. You worry about your college-bound child’s safety. You want your spouse to be safe going to their car after a long workday. You want to sleep better at night knowing your home is protected. You want ways to monitor your home or business when you are away. - You want to know that the company you choose to buy from will stand behind their products and are there to assist you. You turn to us because we offer a lifetime warranty and a satisfaction guarantee. You want the variety to choose the self defense options that best fit your needs. You desire high-grade items without overpaying. It's an honor that you have stopped by for a visit and we look forward to the opportunity of providing you the self defense products and personal security information needed to protect you and your family. You can contact us here call us (740) 821-9822 or use the chat feature at the bottom of every page, we are here for you! Life’s journey takes us all to many places and along the way, we may have to deal with bullies or personal attacks. As a result, it becomes necessary for each of us to learn “how to protect yourself". We truly desire that YOU find your way to personal security, NOW, not later, and we have the self defense products that can help you accomplish this and give you and your family peace of mind!

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I Don't Know Who You Are, And I Don't Know What You Want. But, I Am Guessing That Since You Are On This Site That  You Are Looking For A Very Unique Set Of Skills, Well My Friend You Came To The Right Place.

My Name Is James McDonald, Welcome Aboard. 

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