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  • She thanked her boss for the gift.

    The Runt Runt Stun Gun

    Tina loved her job. She just hated her neighborhood.

    Managing one of the trendiest nightclubs in town, she got to spend her evenings rubbing elbows with rock stars, actors, and many of the city's elite.

    Her boss converted an old warehouse by the docks into a fantasy world for their guests. It kept costs down, but it also made for a pretty treacherous walk down to the parking lot at 4 am.

    Tina's boss really cared about her, since she kept the place running so smoothly. She refused to let him pay for a car service so he gave her a Runt Stun Gun. She remembered how he asked her to hold it by the wrist strap when walking down the block, "just in case."

    One Saturday night, Tina couldn't wait to get home. It felt like she spent the whole night breaking up arguments and kicking drunken guys out of the club.  As she marched up the block to her car, two of those guys dropped out of the shadows.

    "Hey, you!" called the tall one. Tina knew from her years of experience not to bother responding.

    "You think you're too good to serve us? You think you're too good to talk to us?" shouted his companion.

    The tall one slid right in front of Tina, blocking her path. She clutched her car's key fob in one hand while she dug her other hand into her satchel and wrapped it around the strap of her Runt Stun Gun.

    "Where do you think you're going?" asked the tall one, while the other man just snickered. He lunged for Tina's left hand, and she pressed the panic button on her car remote. Wailing horns pierced the silence of the back alley.

    As her attacker gripped her left arm, she lunged at him with the Runt. Even though he held on to Tina, she couldn't feel any of the 20 million volts flowing into his body. As he fell, his other hand knocked the Runt Stun Gun away from Tina.  It snapped free of the wrist strap and landed on top of him as he curled up on the ground.

    The smaller attacker leaped at his buddy and grabbed the Runt Stun Gun.

    "I'll show you!" he cried, as he pounced on Tina. He dug the Runt Stun Gun into her abdomen and tried to activate it, not realizing that the wrist strap also serves as a disable pin - once the Runt left Tina's hands, it was useless.

    Tina didn't get her job on looks alone.  She kicked her attacker in the shin and clocked him on the jaw as a pair of police officers raced to the scene of the struggle. She made a mental note to thank her boss for the gift - and to ask for a raise.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,  
    James Safety Products

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • How Ninety Dollars Went Missing.

    Smoke Detector Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

    Ernie hated days like this.

    Earlier, a biker guy came in for a lighter. When Ernie grabbed the right one from the display next to the cash register, his entire inventory spilled all over the floor.

    Even after the customer helped Ernie clean up most of the mess, there were still lighters everywhere for the rest of the afternoon.

    Then, this little college girl came in to break a hundred by buying a pack of cigarettes. She kept changing her mind about which brand she wanted from the racks behind the counter. Ernie had to spin around so often he felt dizzy. He wondered if she even smoked, or if she was getting the pack for somebody else.

    Finally, just a few minutes before closing, a couple of punk rock kids came into the store and started hassling Ernie. He tolerated them because he was a little wild in his day, too. They knocked over a few displays before finally buying some cans of soda.

    With the doors locked, Ernie counted the day's receipts in the back office. A puzzled look crossed his face as he realized that ninety dollars was missing from the till. He knew he couldn't have made such a glaring mistake, so he decided to check his eye in the sky.

    Ernie's nephew had installed it a few months ago. It's a….

    Security camera shaped like a smoke detector that looks straight down on the sales counter. Ernie liked it because customers didn't have to feel as if they had a camera trained on them the whole time.

    And all his nephew had to do was plug it in to an outlet hidden in the drop ceiling. Its wireless transmitter sent a clear signal to Ernie's video recorder in the back.

    He scanned through the tape until he saw the biker guy. Ernie watched the man help him pick up all those lighters, and the cash register drawer slowly drifted open. He must not have shut it all the way! But it didn't matter. Nobody had reached around to grab any cash.

    Ernie scanned some more, and found the punk rockers. They were troublemakers, and it looked as if they were messing with the charity jar. Not only did they not steal anything, the one with the safety pin in his eyebrow actually stuck a dollar in the jar when he thought nobody was looking.

    On the verge of giving up and accepting his huge mistake, something caught Ernie's eye. It was the cigarette girl. Ernie watched her lay a hundred dollar bill on the counter, and remembered how she begged him to take it. The camera had caught her switching the hundred-dollar bill on the counter for a ten- dollar bill while Ernie's back was turned. With its high resolution, the camera made it clear that the girl had conned Ernie.

    He picked up the phone to call his friend at the police department.


    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,
    James Safety Products

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • Overlooking the obvious.

    Flower Pot Safe The Flower Pot Safe

    Have you found that it's often the obvious that is overlooked?

    Here’s a great example….

    Mike snickered.

    Sometimes his sister, Beth, had the craziest ideas. Mike was at Beth's home helping her to put her affairs back into order after her husband's death.

    Today, he was photographing her valuables for insurance purposes. Beth had taken out a new policy and she wanted to keep her own records.

    After Mike was finished with the pictures and preparing to head home, Beth asked him to wait -- she had two more items to photograph.

    She then pulled her wedding and engagement ring from inside the flower pot that held her Easter Lilies -- the same pot that held Poinsettias last December. Mike was humored and asked her about her choice of hiding places.

    Beth generally kept the flower pot sitting on the kitchen counter when it contained artificial flowers, and on the top shelf next to other empty pots when it didn't.  Mike told her that he thought the flower pot safe was an odd place for her to keep her most beloved possessions.  But, there they sat, right out in the open.

    But Beth explained that the flower pot safe was, in fact, the safest place for her treasures. So safe, that her rings had recently eluded a burglar and a dishonest cousin. The burglar had found the silverware and the cousin recently took a fair amount of cash out of Beth's wall safe. The rings were not touched. She asked Mike, "Where would a burglar or a thief look first?"

    After thinking about it for a moment, Mike had to admit that if he were a burglar, he wouldn't even think to look for valuables in a flower pot. He was pretty certain that a burglar would go through drawers and closets, or break into any obvious safe he or she came across.

    As Mike drove home, he thought about the various reasons a flower pot safe, or any diversion safe, would be useful.He lived in a low crime area, but he had a lot of company and so did his three teenage boys. You'd like to believe that you can trust everyone, but the reality is that you simply can't.

    Once he arrived home, Mike ordered two flower pot safes of his own.

    Should you?

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,     
    James Safety Products

  • 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Packages From Theft.

    • With the increase in home deliveries, package theft is on the rise. Implement one or more of the following 5 ways to ensure that your package is protected.
    • Add delivery instructions for your carrier to follow so your package isn’t left on the front porch for anyone to swipe.
    • Install a video doorbell or camera as a deterrent for theft and as a way to instruct the delivery driver where to place your package.
    • Choose an off-site location for your package to be delivered or opt for in-store pickup.
    • Control your delivery options by customizing your orders with TaskRabbit or Postmates.

    Shopping online is one of the most convenient and cost-efficient ways to purchase anything you want or need. Since most major retailers offer free shipping, ordering items online is a no-brainer. However, there is one drawback to ordering online and having your items shipped to your home: package theft.

    Once a package has been delivered, it is no longer the responsibility of the retailer or the delivery service. Anything that happens to your package falls solely on you. But you can help prevent package theft by being proactive. Continue reading to discover 5 ways you can protect your packages from being stolen.

    #1: Add Delivery Instructions to Your Order

    Although this option seems obvious, it doesn’t get utilized enough. Before you submit an online order, look for a text box or section that allows you to leave instructions for the delivery service. You can request that your package be delivered to a side door, or perhaps the next-door neighbor that you know will be home.

    If your package is being delivered by FedEx, they have a special option that allows your package to be dropped off at a local Walgreens for you to pick up at your convenience. Take advantage of delivery instructions because it will cost you a fee to have your package redelivered.

    #2: Install a Video Doorbell

    When the delivery driver rings your doorbell, you’ll be able to vocally instruct them on where to leave your package. The video doorbell also acts as a security camera that is equipped with a motion detector. Although you won’t be able to prevent someone from stealing your package, you’ll have the video recording to use during an investigation.

    #3: Choose an Off-Site Location for Deliveries

    If you’re expecting a package during the day, have it delivered to your place of employment. Parcel carriers are willing to leave packages at the front desk of any business. If you have a trusted friend or family member living nearby, ask if you could use their address for your delivery.

    Ordering your packages from Amazon gives you the added benefit of using an Amazon Locker. When you are selecting your shipping options upon checkout, choose an Amazon Locker. Once your package has been delivered to that specific locker, you’ll receive a 6-digit code that can be used to access your package within three days.

    #4: Choose In-Store Pickup

    Purchasing items online from a retailer located right around the corner is often much cheaper than buying it in-store. Whether you’re taking advantage of an online coupon, or your particular store didn’t have the item in stock, choosing in-store pick-up allows you to get what you need while keeping it secure. It also allows you to pick-up your item at your convenience.

    #5: Control Your Delivery Options

    Use TaskRabbit or Postmates to pick up items from local stores. Both of these services allow you to customize your delivery so that it’s convenient for you. Use the app to describe exactly what you need to be accomplished along with when and where you want your items delivered. It’s a little pricer but it may be worth your peace of mind.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,     
    James Safety Products

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.  


  • Encountering shady people

    Hidden Watch Camera Watch Camera

    Christina had been tracking Reverend Ripoff for years. In her job as an  investigative journalist, she had encountered some slimy people, but she always thought this guy beat them all.

    A few years ago, a viewer had told her about a shady charity run by Reverend Rip that was taking donations and government grants for inner city education programs. Instead of providing state of the art computer systems for students to use at the community center, Reverend Rip's stooges some decrepit boxes of transistors that could barely add.

    Christina had chased the money trail back to Reverend Rip, and it looked like his innocent followers were footing the bill fora string of four-star hotel stays and a garage full of fancy cars. But he was careful. He chose destinations far from his flock, where nobody knew his name. He tipped generously, so he could hustle out the back entrance at the first sign of a camera crew or a private detective.

    Reverend Rip was slick, and he used accounting loopholes to uphold the letter of the law, so the feds couldn't do anything. Christina knew that the only way to help his deceived donors understand his true nature was to capture him on tape.

    Christina's cameraman, Bill, jumped at the chance to test out a new gadget. “It," he said. “He hooked it up so that it could send a strong video signal back to their news van, or even a nearby hotel room.

    That week, Christina trailed the Rev to a luxury golf resort. All she had to do was stay close by to capture footage of her target in compromising acts.

    Because she stayed in public places, she wasn't violating anyone's privacy. And she got more than she bargained for when she caught the married Rev sucking face with one of the bar staff.

    Whether or not it was enough evidence to convict him of fraud, the footage did make a big splash on Christiana's newscast.

    The Rev abandoned his constant public lecturing in favor of a more practical, "no comment."

    A few months after he packed up and left town.

    Christiana's station helped raise funds for a nice set of computers for those kids -- who also learned a lesson in integrity.


    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,    
    James Safety Products

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • Keeping Vampires Away.

    Pepper Spray Self-Defense

    Mandy thought she had her late nights figured out. She hung out with the same friends at the same bar just some blocks down her street. The neighborhood dive’s regular crowd was mostly familiar faces on her side of North Portland. She is pretty cautious and even followed a buddy system with her roommates on any night out.

    One night was unlike the others, however. Jo and her boyfriend had fought in the middle of walking home with Mandy and stormed off in opposite directions. Suddenly, she was all alone and feeling lightheaded.

    In her situation, the mere rustling of the leaves or shadows on the walls made her jump in surprise. Perhaps she had been watching too many horror films. Still, the odds were just as high that a lurking predator was eyeing or tailing her and would jump her at any second.

    What saved Mandy that night was that she was not only alert to danger but also armed for stopping it. A pepper spray user, she had just bought a new WildFire Pepper Spray that had caught her eye online.

    So, Mandy turned around when she heard noise from behind. A man, dressed quite normally, was grabbing her by the wrist before she knew it. When she tried to pull her arm loose, the man yanked her head and kicked her down to the ground.

    Mandy seized the chance to snatch the WildFire Pepper Spray that had been chained to her jeans’ belt loop the whole time. A few bursts of pepper spray later, it was the man curled up on the ground, weeping, coughing, and begging her to stop.

    She never did find out if he had wanted her phone, wallet, or something else. Mandy ran away fast as soon as she could.


  • Hear John’s Story

    Taser The Taser

    John is a 6’2” freshman from the University of Minnesota. He has always been fast, strong, light, and lean at 205 pounds, which gave him the confidence of a daredevil. While he would not actively seek danger, he also did not mind having to face it, even if it meant armed criminals. He would even brag about the fact to his friends and brothers.

    Linda, his mother, is surely not convinced he is invincible. Given John’s attitude towards danger, she insisted that John carry a TASER, especially as he was going to be living alone in a dorm near the university. John argued, “If I mess with the TASER, I could hurt some bystander instead of my imaginary attacker.” More than anything else, Linda wanted her boy to be able to defend himself.

    John eventually accepted the TASER Pulse from his mom just to end the argument. Reluctantly, he let his mom teach him how to use the weapon at long and short ranges.

    Soon, John’s parents dropped him off in his new home. And thanks to a long day of moving, he drifted off into sleep in the middle of the afternoon.

    The sound of breaking glass jostled John awake. It took him a second to realize where he was, and another to realize he was supposed to be alone. As his eyes adjusted to the darkness, he saw the TASER Pulse his mother had given him, neatly placed on the corner table beside his bed.

    John slowly loaded a live cartridge into the TASER Pulse and aimed at the open doorway to his room. As soon as the laser sight hit a figure in the doorway, John fired. The figure went down instantly. He opened a lamp to reveal the intruder: a man as large as John, still convulsing from an electric shock, and a dropped crowbar near his hand.

    As he was calling the police, John looked down the table where the TASER was and saw a note that said, “Keep safe. Love, mom.”


  • She will grow 4 ½ inches.

    She will grow 4 ½ inches She is 10

    She is 10 years old will….

    Grow 4 ½ inches
    Letter in swimming
    Major in Computer Science
    Marry a man with a good business
    Have a career she adores
    Have 2 children (a son and daughter) she loves with all her heart

    She’s going places

    And we’d like to help her get there safely

    We are THE PLACE for all your non-lethal self-defense products, surveillance systems and hidden cameras.

    When you click onto the link below to access the website you’ll find:

    • EVERYTHING YOU NEED: The most comprehensive selection of non-lethal self-defense products, surveillance systems and hidden cameras on the Internet.
    • SIMPLE SEARCH FEATURES: Easy to navigate tools and search field at the
      top of our website to help you make the best selection for your specific needs.
    • SIMPLE CHECKOUT OUT:  When you find what you want, just click on the
      ADD TO CART button.  When you are ready to check out, click on the CHECKOUT button.
    • 90-Day REFUND GUARANTEE: Whatever you purchase, use it for a full 90
      days.  If for any reason you wish to return it, just ask and we will cheerfully
      refund your money.


    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,  
    James Safety Products

  • The gift that kept Marshall’s legend alive.

    Barking Dog Alarm The Electronic Dog

    The following is a story how the Secure Dog was utilized.

    Jake felt more than sad when Marshall passed away. He felt worried.

    Marshall was Jake's loyal German Shepherd. For twelve years, he guarded Jake's sporting goods store from would-be thieves and neighborhood troublemakers. Even as the neighborhood got a little more unsafe, Marshall kept the peace.

    Jake's store was the only one on the block without any graffiti. Nobody, it seemed, wanted a run in with a big, angry guard dog.

    Few people knew that Marshall was really a sweetheart, lavishing Jake with kisses every time he'd open the store in the morning.

    Jake's daughter, Melissa, kept the store's books, and paid a visit to her father every Thursday. She knew the old man couldn't afford to install a state of the art security system. But she also knew that he was a little too fragile to try and train another big dog.

    She brought her father a gift on her next visit. "This," she announced proudly, "will keep Marshall's legend alive in the neighborhood."

    She explained to Jake that the Secure Dog used infrared sensors to watch the store at night, just like Marshall did. When intruders showed up at either the front or the back doors, the box would bark. And it would bark louder and louder until the disturbance went away.

    That Saturday night, two teenage boys strolled up the sidewalk. The midnight streetlight stretched their shadows halfway up the block. They banged and pulled on security gates as they talked about the trouble they could cause.

    "Didn't old man Benson's dog just die?" asked the tall one.

    "I think I heard Billy say something like that," replied the short one, "I could sure use some new sneakers!"

    They hustled up to the front window, but before they could even try to break in, they heard loud barking from inside the store. And it was getting louder.

    "Yo, I thought you said that dog was dead," cried the short hooligan.

    "He must have got a new one," said his partner in crime, "I ain't messin' with no dog!"

    The two juveniles hustled away around the corner as fast as their legs could carry them.

    Marshall's legacy remains intact. He's still a presence in Benson's Sporting Goods, with a picture above the cash register - and the loud bark from the Secure Dog.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,   
    James Safety Products

    PS: Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.

  • She Didn't Count on Her Town's Archaic Rules.

    Cathy always loved the idea of owning her own bed and breakfast by the shore.

    After her husband passed away, she found a note he left for her, encouraging her to follow her dream even though he couldn't share it with her. He had taken out extra life insurance just to surprise her with one final gift, and she invested it in a beautiful Victorian mansion overlooking the beach.

    She didn't count on her town's archaic rules to make life so difficult in that first year. Even though she enjoyed a pretty strong business during the summer, her town council demanded that she provide security for the part of the beach adjacent to her property.

    At first, she hired some guards to roam the premises, but it was hard for them to do their job with the town's light ordinance in place -- no lights on the beach after 11p.m. And she certainly couldn't afford to keep two people on staff year round.

    Wayne, a sympathetic alderman, dropped by for tea one afternoon and shared a little secret. Cathy didn't have to actually patrol the grounds the entire time. He showed her the dummy camera he used at the campground he owned -

    James Safety Products/surveillance-systems/dummy-cameras.html

    a discreet little device that mounted unobtrusively on the side of a building.

    Wayne's suggestion worked wonders. Cathy could cut back on her overtime payments, and her security team enjoyed a little more sleep.

    Dedicated to your Peace of Mind & Real Security,
    James Safety Products

    PS: Every business owner knows he needs security. From employees who steal from him, customers who shoplift and thieves who break in. Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to buy these products unfortunately after it’s too late. Don’t let that happen to you.    

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