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  • What Car Thieves Don’t Want you to Know

    What Car Thieves Don’t Want you to Know.

    Car theft is a serious concern, even today. Car thieves often steal cars in order to take them to illegal chop shops where they are hacked up for spare parts. This lucrative underground business might sound far-fetched, but it could even claim your car if you’re not careful.

    Here are some of the top tips you can use to keep your car from being stolen.

    The Basics

    Car thieves generally prefer to operate at night under the cover of darkness. As such, consider parking your vehicle in well-lit, conspicuous areas with lots of cameras and people around. Likewise, keep the doors locked at all times and make sure you don’t have any valuables laying out in the seats or where would-be thieves can see them. The most important thing to remember is that car thieves want to go for the low-hanging fruit.

    Anti-Theft Devices

    A blinking light that serves as a reminder of an anti-theft device can be a powerful deterrent for would-be thieves. Installing anti-theft devices into your vehicle alone can make thieves think twice about messing with your vehicle. This goes double for a newer vehicle, as many thieves may even be worried that your car has a tracking device within.

    Speaking of, if you’re worried about your car being stolen, consider including a GPS tracking device in it to keep it from being out of your sight. You can give the police the exact location of your car with the GPS device, ensuring its safe return to you.

    Other Tips

    If you park overnight on the street, turn your wheels toward the curb and put your car’s parking brake on. This makes your car harder to tow, which is a common way thieves cart off vehicles. Consider also etching your vehicles VIN number in all of the windows, making it so that the thieves will have to replace all of the glass. Finally, if you’re confronted by a carjacker, comply with them. Don’t try to start a fight. Just try to remember their characteristic and calmly give them what they ask for.

    You can replace your car, but your life isn’t replaceable. Call the authorities if your car is stolen and they will do what they can to make sure it is returned to you.

    These are the cars we steal the most.

    The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) compiles an annual Hot Wheels report, which lists the top ten most stolen cars in the United States. Here are the top targets from the most recent report and the most stolen model year for each:

    1. Honda Accord (1997)
    2. Honda Civic (1998)
    3. Ford Pickup (full size) (2006)
    4. Chevrolet Pickup (full size) (2004)
    5. Toyota Camry (2016)
    6. Nissan Altima (2015)
    7. Dodge Pickup (full size) (2001)
    8. Toyota Corolla (2015)
    9. Chevrolet Impala (2008)
    10. Jeep Cherokee/Grand Cherokee (2000)

    We love older cars

    When you think of the car thieves you see in movies or TV shows, they’re usually after high end, luxury sports cars. And while those do get stolen in real life, it doesn’t happen nearly as often as you would think. Thieves target older cars because they’re much easier to steal.

    “In the 2000s, most vehicles started to come equipped with more advanced ignition systems such as chipped keys that need to be in proximity to the dash for the car to start,” says Marc Hinch, an auto theft investigator and creator of stolen911.com. “Many of the vehicles prior to this time are easy to start if you know how to manipulate the ignition.”

    If your car was built more than 20 years ago, Hinch recommends taking extra security precautions, like installing steering wheel locks, aftermarket alarm systems, or ignition immobilizers. There are even GPS tracking systems that can send you alerts if your car starts moving unexpectedly. Trust us, they’re worth the money. What you really need to look out for are these 7 ways you’re wasting money on your car.

    We have a favorite state.

    Sorry, California residents, but you’re already at risk. California has consistently been the state with the most car thefts since 1960. And according to Frank Scafidi, director of public affairs for the NICB, there has never been a close runner-up.

    We want your car for the parts.

    Car thieves aren’t just looking for a new ride. They’re most likely going to resell parts of your car, especially if it has custom wheels, a custom engine, or high-end seats. If not, they’re doing it to help facilitate another crime, go for a joy ride, or win a dare.

    And sometimes, we don’t even care about the car.

    Hinch says that car break-ins are actually more common than actual car thefts, mostly because people often forget that they left valuables like laptops and purses in their vehicles.

    Don’t assume your neighborhood is safe.

    Thieves know you’ll think that and act upon it. As part of a plea agreement, a car thief told Hinch that he and his crew would walk through a nice-looking neighborhood at night, checking for unlocked cars. About one out of six unlocked cars had a spare key inside.

    If your car gets stolen, it’s probably your fault.

    Our experts say that a lot of car thefts could have been prevented if the owner had only made sure he locked the car or not left it running when she ran into Starbucks for a quick cup of coffee. These common security slip-ups are basically invitations for thieves to take your vehicle. Another common mistake is leaving valuables in plain sight. Race car driver and automotive expert Lauren Fix says “valuables” include the obvious items like laptops, purses, and GPS units, but that thieves will even go for money in the center console and closed bags that simply look like something of worth may be inside. Here are 9 more things you should never leave in your car.

    Public parking lots are like a gold mine.

    Whether they’re at the airport, the mall, the gym, or the stadium, public parking lots and garages are an ideal location for car thefts. There’s a whole assortment of cars to choose from, and many don’t have adequate security. “In short, if the public has access to your vehicle, then it is at risk of theft,” Scafidi says. Avoid leaving your car on the outskirts of a lot, park as close to the building entrance as possible, and make sure your car is in view of a surveillance system.

    The more hidden your car is, the better (for us)

    Another reason parking garages are a prime target for car theft is that thieves are less likely to be spotted there, as opposed to somewhere right on the street. Former car thief Steve Fuller told ABC News that he often chose dark, secluded locations for his jobs. “I liked it because it’s quiet. I can hear if somebody was coming,” Fuller said. “All I really have to deal with was somebody coming down from their apartment to get in their vehicle, and at that time in the middle of the night it’s not usually that often.”

    The way you park makes a difference.

    Luckily, there are precautions you can take against thieves who frequent parking garages. “Park your vehicle with the front end facing an obstacle, such as a wall or guardrail, whenever possible,” Fix tells Reader’s Digest. “This makes it harder for thieves to tow or roll your car away if they can’t get it started.” If you’re on the street, she recommends parking under a light, turning the wheels toward the curb, and locking the steering wheel. That’ll make it harder for someone to tow away your car.

    Don't Become Another Victim.


  • Keep Your Kids Safe at the Playground by Following These 5 Tips.

    • Playgrounds have been around since the late 19th century. Since they’ve undergone plenty of design changes, it’s important that you use the following 5 tips to ensure your kid’s safety.
    • Be attentive at all times looking out for bullying, strangers, and injuries.
    • Take some time to look at the equipment and observe the playing surface to make sure everything looks safe and operates correctly.
    • Teach your kids how to use playground equipment properly and also be prepared for an emergency by carrying a first-aid kit and your cell phone at all times.

    The very first playground was built in 1859 in a park in Manchester, England. The original purpose of a playground was to instruct children on how to play correctly. Although modern-day playgrounds have received a sizeable upgrade, many have elements that aren’t as conducive to children’s safety.

    There are several factors that come into play as you seek the safety of your children. Use the following 5 tips to ensure that your kids stay safe as they maneuver through the obstacles of the playground.

    Tip #1: Be Attentive

    Although telling adults to properly supervise their children seems obvious, it’s very easy to get distracted. Maintain proximity to your child and keep your eyes on them as much as possible. Be aware of bullying from other kids as well as strangers that just seem to be “hanging out” at the playground.

    Tip #2: Investigate the Equipment

    Although playgrounds have gone through numerous changes since the late 19th century, they aren’t usually well-maintained. Take a look at the equipment and make sure it is secure. Look for rusted metal, splintered or rotting wood, and broken pieces on items such as the slide and stairs.

    Tip #3: Observe the Surface

    The area in which your kids will be running—and more than likely falling—will need to be soft as well as thick enough to protect them from injury. Concrete, asphalt, dirt, and even grass are unsuitable surfaces for a playground.

    Rather, look for playgrounds that use wood chips, rubber shreds, or sand. Also, look for dangerous debris such as broken glass and metal shards.

    Tip #4: Teach Proper Use of Equipment

    As you very well know, kids are inventive and creative. They will usually try anything at least once which may involve doing something dangerous. It’s important to teach them how to use equipment such as slides, seesaws, swings, and rope bridges properly.

    Telling them not to stand on the seesaw or climb up the slide as you drive to the playground gives you the opportunity to explain why it’s dangerous.

    Tip #5: Be Prepared For an Emergency

    More than likely, your child is going to experience some cuts, bumps, and bruises while on the playground. Make sure you bring along a first-aid kit in order to attend to any injuries during playtime.

    Always carry your cell phone with you in case an emergency call needs to be placed due to a serious accident. Cuts and scars are cool but not if they get infected. Make sure you are prepared for the worst possible scenario.

    Your Safety Is Our Concern.


  • Anaheim Murderer Arrested, Live Kidnapping Victim Found in his Home.

    A suspected has been arrested in connection with a murder of a man in Anaheim. Antonio Silva, a resident of Santa Ana, California, was arrested on Monday night after a SWAT team raided his home and discovered a kidnapping victim being held there for ransom.

    The Anaheim Murderer

    Adrian Darren Bonar, 34, was found dead in the trunk of a car in Anaheim on October 17. It’s unclear at this time what his relationship with Silva was, what the motivation behind the killing was or how, exactly, Bonar died. When his body was found, it was wrapped in a tarp, in a car near Gypsum Canyon.

    While police have offered few statements on Bonar’s death, they did offer some words about the crime. “Regardless of what Adrian may have been involved in, he is a victim of this crime,” stated Daron Wyatt of the Anaheim police.

    “He was an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Army who saw combat in Iraq. No one deserves to die in this fashion or to be a victim of a murder no matter what their background is.”

    Silva’s Arrest

    After an investigation by Anaheim police, a warrant was issued for Antonio Silva. As the prime suspect in the murder, police knew they would need to bring Silva in quickly to avoid him hurting anyone else. As such, they gathered a SWAT team to raid his Santa Ana home in order to bring him in.

    During their raid, the SWAT team found a man who had been kidnapped by Silva and was being held for ransom. Thankfully, the police were able to safely extract the kidnapping victim and get him to the hospital to be treated for unspecified wounds. The team found and arrested Silva, and then confiscated the illegal materials found in his home.

    Said materials included nearly 2 kilograms of fentanyl and several firearms, according to police reports. How the large quantity of drugs and firearms played into Silva’s criminal behavior has not been made public. It’s unclear if he was operating as a drug dealer or if the murder was motivated by other factors. Silva is now awaiting trial on multiple criminal charges.

    Your Safety Is Our Concern.


  • Oklahoma Walmart Mass Shooting Claims 3 Lives

    A woman and two men were fatally shot in a tragic mass shooting at an Oklahoma Walmart yesterday morning. Among the dead, strangely, is the shooter, who seems to have turned the gun on himself after killing two others outside the Walmart.

    What do we Know About the Oklahoma Walmart Shooting?

    At the time of this writing, authorities have yet to comment on a motivation for the fatal shooting. The shooter appears to have cornered a man and a woman in their car, shot them both, and then turned the gun on himself after taking the other two lives.

    Some authorities claimed that the shooting was an “isolated incident,” explaining that the shooter was never active inside the Walmart store. Authorities believe that nine shots were fired, all from a handgun used by the attacker. The handgun in question is believed to be a “semi-automatic,” though no further details were given.

    Walmart Attack Aftermath

    On Monday afternoon, two bodies under sheets were visible in the Walmart parking lot. One was behind the steering wheel of a red truck, while the other was prone on the ground of the parking lot beside the truck. Authorities on the scene were investigating the situation, including the supposed relationship between the victims.

    Specifically, authorities stated that the three victims all knew one another. What the relationship had been between them has not been announced to the public. Interestingly, the Walmart was not evacuated despite the shooting in the parking lot. However, some speculate that the woman who was killed may have been working for Walmart at the time of her death.

    Mass Shootings Becoming a Growing Trend

    The attack comes only hours after another mass shooting Fresno left four dead and six wounded during a backyard party. Tragically, this isn’t even the first mass shooting at a Walmart: earlier this year, a deadly mass shooting occurred at an El Paso Walmart when a white nationalist opened fire on a crowd.

    The El Paso case, however, was a case of indiscriminate violence where the shooter was aiming to cause as much injury and death as possible. In the case of the Oklahoma shooting, however, it seems the shooter was specifically trying to murder two individuals, not cause maximum loss of life before police arrived.

    Don't Become Another Victim.


  • ‘Ghost Gun’ was Used in Saugus High School Shooting

    The 16-year-old boy who opened fire at Saugus High School used an unregistered “kit gun” or “ghost gun” that he assembled from parts without serial numbers. This makes the gun untraceable and it is much harder to intercept from the standpoint of law enforcement.

    Saugus High School Shooting

    The act of senseless violence by the shooter resulted in the deaths of two classmates and the injury of three others. After his deadly rampage, the shooter turned the gun on himself. However, the self-inflicted gunshot wound didn’t kill him immediately: he was taken to a hospital, where he later succumbed to his wounds with his mother at his bedside.

    The day of the shooting happened on the perpetrator’s 16th birthday. According to classmates, he was a quiet, reserved child who didn’t seem like the type of senselessly gun down his peers. However, people close to him have claimed that, since his father passed away two years ago, his mood and disposition had darkened considerably.

    Cold, Deliberate Killings

    “In 16 seconds he cleared a malfunction and was able to shoot five people and himself, so he seemed very familiar with the weapon,” Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said Friday. “It wasn’t a spur of the moment act.” The murderer had excellent knowledge of how to operate the weapon, how many rounds were in it and how long it would take him to make his shots.

    Officials have found no motive, no suicide note and no manifesto in connection with the killings. At this time of this writing, the shooter does not appear to have had any connection to specific ideologies or some purpose behind the killings. Teachers and classmates all described him as quiet, a good student and a diligent athlete.

    The “Ghost Gun” Used in the Saugus Shooting

    The sixteen-year-old shooter would not have been legally allowed to purchase a firearm in California, where you have to be 21 to legally acquire a firearm. Instead, he assembled the gun from its various components. Kit guns, as they’re also known, can be purchased from online vendors or at gun shows.

    The “kit guns” sidestep the law by being sold in smaller components that are legal to sell. After purchase, the end user assembles all the parts into a functioning firearm. And, in this case, a capable murder weapon.

    Stay Safe.


  • 7 Key Dating Tips Essential To Any Relationship And Dating Situation.

    Date Night

    Dating tips are essential for every marriage and every relationship whether a young one or a long time relationship. There are several tips that one needs to know before setting out that date. The following tips will be of importance to you as you look forward to having a great and successful date:

    1). Plan

    Last minute rush is an enemy of any successful plan. It may prove so disastrous or so spontaneous to your date and this may negatively affect your date. Plan well in advance and ensure you have enough peace within you as the date time approaches. Set your expectations for the date and at least let your date agree with your agreement. Ensure you organize in advance proper parking and show that you are a very organized person. Key dating tip 1 – proper planning is of importance.


    Ensure that which you have chosen is in tune with what your date will truly enjoy. Ensure you are relevant in your choices. This will ensure both of you enjoy the date as well as have a great date. Key dating tip 2 – make sure your date feels completely in place as far as the date is concerned.

    3). Respect

    The fact of the matter is that you really appreciate your date. She or he may be very admirable to look at but show some respect. Do not be too soon on dwelling on the physical aspect of the beauty. You might just manhandle him or her which is a big mistake in a date. Key dating tip 3 – value your date.

    4). Stay Light

    Find something a little positive that both of you can share in without either party getting embarrassed. Find out what your date likes most or would prefer and provide that. You could take her or him to watch a comedy if they like that or a walk at a water park if they like water. Key dating tip 4 – avoid talking about exes or anything that is not meant for the date.

    5). Connection

    All these tips will not be of any benefit if the both of you involved cannot connect. Take time and effort to find what is common between both of you. Take a little time to learn your partner’s past and childhood. This will help you to know if you have same values and outlook into life. Key dating tip 5 – this is a very important time to explore into your partner because it will help you know how to run the relationship.

    6). Be in anticipation

    Dating tips will help you a lot if you know how and what to anticipate in a date. Try to look your best. Key dating tip 6 – be light in your actions in expectation for more as the relationship progresses.

    7). Laugh a little

    You cannot have a cold date whatsoever. Lighten up your date by passing on some laughter once in a while. Laughter is attractive, bonding and so infectious and releases nervousness. Key dating tip 7 – If it is a movie, ensure it is a funny one that will leave both of you laughing all through.

    And Always Stay Safe.


  • Dating Tips That You Will Find Un-Resistible.

    Dating two lovers at santa monica beach holding each other

    Dating tips come in handy for people who are shy and do not know how to ask the other person out. Though different people use different tactics when it comes to dating, the bottom line will be to go out, meet the person, have fun and know each other right. When dating, it is important to show you are a caring person and can be relied any time. At the beginning many people who are dating get confused as they don’t know how to deal with the other person, what they like and the expectations. Here are some dating tips to help in the process.

    Good conversation

    One of the dating tips that will work out well for both the man and girl is having a good conversation. The conversation should be done in a good manner. When out, one should avoid those awkward silences as they show one is not confident enough. A good trick is to ensure one knows some current events. Knowing many things happening around you can be a good the best dating tips to keep conversation going for a longer time. This helps one to know more about other person they are dating. Employ some humor in their conversation.

    Be yourself and avoid pretending

    Good dating tips involve being the person they have always been. When dating one should be genuine as this will reflect on their self-control. In addition, being yourself will help to authenticate in anything they say. A bad example will be to pretend and act what you are not as this will set bad precedent in the dating scene. People who pretend will have a hard time in future as the truth will come out if the relationship succeeds. Good dating needs no games but more honesty as this is what you will be expecting in return.

    Enjoy yourself when dating

    It is recommended that while employing dating tips, the couples should enjoy and have fun. One does not need to go over the moon to have fun. A good date is that which is kept simple but also casual. Avoid getting desperate when dating but ensure you are enjoying yourself. Though sometimes it will fail to work out, never blame yourself for the failure. Don’t be too hard because of failure when dating. To succeed when dating, develop casual attitude and positiveness. This enables people to relax and have fun.

    Be realistic in the dating requirements

    It is important to be realistic and with good expectations when employing different dating tips. You are free to date anyone you like but know that in then process you will not impress each individual. When dating set your own criteria and things you want. However it is ideal that one should be realistic in what they want. Being realistic is the top among dating tips as it helps to void being perfect and find faults on the other. To succeed, ensure that you minimize on requirements needed according to what you perceive yourself to be. This will enable one get the easy match and the person who is most compatible.

    To have the best dating experience, ensure that you are letting the other person have their own freedom. Avoid instances where you are policing your date. You will be amazed at how you succeed when using these dating tips.

    And Always Stay Safe.


  • 5 Indications that a Person is Experiencing Domestic Abuse.

    5 Indications that a Person is Experiencing Domestic Abuse.

    • Approximately 24% of women and 14% of men in the U.S. that are over 18 have been the victim of domestic abuse by a spouse or partner.
    • Below are 5 signs that someone is the victim of domestic abuse. Be on the lookout for the following indications of violence.
    • A victim will no longer want to hang out with friends and family. They will isolate themselves.
    • A victim’s partner will constantly insult them in public and the victim will always be worried about making their partner angry. A victim will also make excuses on behalf of their partner.
    • The victim will have unexplained bruises or injuries and make excuses for why they exist.

    According to WomensLaw.com, “1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime.” The site also states that “nearly half of all women and men in the United States have experienced psychological aggression by an intimate partner…” There is clearly a problem with domestic abuse.

    These statistics only reflect domestic abuse cases that have been reported or witnessed. There is no way of knowing how many instances of violent abuse go undetected. However, you can be a part of stopping the violence by being observant and looking for the following 5 signs of domestic abuse.

    Sign #1: They No Longer Hang Out as Much

    One of the most common signs that someone is the victim of domestic abuse is isolation. They will stop hanging out with friends and family by giving odd excuses. Abusers want their partners to think that they are the only person needed—friends and family are secondary.

    If you notice that someone who is typically outgoing starts to only spend time with their partner, try to have a talk with them. Isolation and withdrawal are heavy indicators that abuse is occurring.

    Sing #2: They Are Anxious About Making Their Partner Angry

    Disagreements and emotions are a part of relationships. No two people will ever see eye-to-eye and disagreements can often bring on certain emotions. But a person shouldn’t be scared of making their partner feel a certain way.

    If you recognize this, it could be a sign that the victim is worried that they will be abused because of their partner’s temper or emotional instability. Constant fear and avoidance of doing anything wrong to upset someone else are controlling and damaging to a person’s self-worth.

    Sign #3: The Partner is Always Insulting in Public

    This sign is sometimes hard to pick up on. Often, couples will sarcastically insult one another all in good fun—or at least, one person is having fun. Look out for “body-shaming” insults that go over the top for public conversation. The abuser will have no sympathy for how they are making their partner feel.

    Listen for overly-critical comments that are out of place or have no relevance to the current topic of conversation. Also, be mindful of the victim’s reaction to the insult and try to determine how it makes them feel.

    Sign #4: Excuses Are Made On Behalf of Their Partner

    One of the most prevalent emotions associated with a victim of domestic abuse is shame. The victim feels that everything they do and the abuse that they suffer is their fault. Because of this, they’ll make excuses or apologize on behalf of their partner.

    If you notice that someone is accepting the blame for how they are being treated by their partner, abuse may be the reason. When a victim takes the blame or makes an excuse they are hoping to diffuse the situation so that abuse doesn’t happen later on.

    Sing #5: The Presence of Unexplained or Unusual Marks And Injuries

    Victims of domestic abuse will undoubtedly make up excuses or give poor reasons for marks or injuries that they have. Although bruises and scratches from pets or bumping into furniture are common, if a pattern is present something else may be going on.

    If you see large bruises on parts of the body such as the neck, arm, face, or ribs, domestic abuse could be a possibility. Again, if a pattern persists, pull the victim aside and ask if everything is okay. Gauge their response time and eye contact to determine if they are telling the truth or silently crying for help.

    Stay Safe.

    Don't Become Another Victim.


  • How to Avoid Pickpockets: Keep Your Wallet and Phone on Your Next Trip.

    Avoid Pick Pockets.

    How to Avoid Pickpockets: Keep Your Wallet and Phone on Your Next Trip.

    Everyone knows that pickpocketing has been on the decline in the US for years. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed to encounter no pickpockets on your next trip. This goes double if you take a trip overseas to a region like Europe, where pick-pocketing remains a problem.

    If you know what to do to avoid having it happen, you can keep your valuables secure on your person and avoid the troublesome annoyance of having your phone, credit cards, cash and passport lifted.

    Here are some tips on how to avoid pickpockets.

    How to Avoid Pickpockets

    Stay Aware

    Keep your eyes up and stay aware of your surroundings. If you’re worried about getting your things stolen, your body language can give off the impression that you’re on alert. Generally, even the appearance of alertness will be enough to ward off would-be thieves.

    Theirs is a crime of opportunity; when they see a distracted, inattentive person with a wallet bulge in their pocket, they strike. Keep your surroundings in mind and don’t let anyone walk too close to you.

    Know the Signs

    Often, pickpockets are working in groups. If you see a group of people acting in an odd manner that seems designed to draw your attention, put your hand on your wallet and another on your phone. Often these types of thieves will set up a distraction to get you to pay attention while a fast hand slips your wallet from your pocket. Don’t let this be you!

    Know Where They Operate

    Many pickpockets prefer to work around tourist attractions or other places where they know people will be distracted. If you go to the Eiffel Tower, for instance, you’ll be looking up and taking pictures. While you’re doing so, hold your wallet and other valuables close at hand. If you are particularly concerned, consider carrying your wallet in a front pocket.

    Other common haunts for pickpockets include hotel lobbies, popular bars and even public transportation. Remember to keep your valuables close at hand and don’t lose focus on the people around you. If anyone is operating too close to you, try striking up a conversation. Hold eye contact and make them aware that you know they’re close to you. Don’t accuse anyone or start a fight; just make them know that you’re aware of them.

    If You Get Pick-pocketed

    Don’t go ballistic if you get your wallet or phone stolen. Cancel your credit cards, alert the police and remain calm. If your wallet can be found then it might be returned to you. If not, you can replace the contents easily. There’s no reason to get into a fight or get hurt by trying to confront someone you think may have stolen from you.

    Smartphone Location Tracking & Data Wiping

    Most modern smartphones allow location tracking for lost or stolen phones. This can be a great way to locate a phone after it goes missing — but never put yourself in danger or travel to an unfamiliar part of town! Most phones also allow you to wipe data remotely, which is a great way to prevent identity theft to go along with phone theft.

    Don't Become Another Victim.

    Stay Safe.



  • 5 Tips For Keeping Your Things Safe During Your Next Camping Trip.

    5 Camping Tips Camping Tips

    5 Tips For Keeping Your Things Safe During Your Next Camping Trip.

    • As you head out on your first camping trip, follow these 5 tips to ensure that your camping gear stays safe.
    • Keep your valuables locked in your vehicle. Items such as your wallet or I.D. aren’t necessary while camping.
    • Keep your personal belongings close by or on you at all times. It’s very easy to lose things or have them stolen if they’re just laying around.
    • Get to know your neighbors to determine if they can be trusted. You may be able to team up with them to protect each others’ things.
    • Do your research concerning the safety issues at the campsite. Also, make sure you don’t leave food out in the open for critters to run off with.

    So you’re finally doing it. You’ve thought about it for months, weighed the pros and cons, and are finally backing it up and heading out. You’re all set for your first ever camping expedition. You’ve invested in the necessary gear and you’re leaving your nightlight at home.

    But there’s still this small part of you that’s worried about protecting your belongings. How do you know if your things will be secure when you’re on a hike? How do you keep your valuables safe when away from your tent? Well, continue reading to learn 5 tips that will help you keep your things safe so you can relax and enjoy the great outdoors.

    Tip #1: Keep Valuables Locked in Your Car

    You may have some valuables that are important for your trip to the campsite but aren’t vital to your actual camping adventure. You’ll want to lock certain items in your vehicle such as your wallet, jewelry, or I.D.

    Since there won’t be any use for these items at the campsite, it’s best to secure them in the glove box or a small portable safe that you can hide under the seat. Oh, and don’t forget to lock your car!

    Tip #2: Keep Your Personal Belongings Close By

    It’s always a good idea to keep all of your camping gear close by. Keeping your campsite organized allows you to know where everything is at all times. If you take a shower at the community bathhouse, bring your items with you into the shower. Drape your towel over the curtain so it’s within view.

    Don’t turn your back on your belongings either. If you’re sitting by the fire, have your backpack right beside you. Carry your phone, maps, and compass on your person at all times. There is no reason to leave these lying around.

    Tip #3: Get to Know Your Neighbors

    If you’re staying near a campsite with other campers, one of the first things you’ll want to do is introduce yourself. Unfortunately, there are some that only go camping to steal from other campers.

    Getting to know your neighbors allows you to create a good rapport with them but it also helps you determine if they can be trusted. If things get off on the right foot, you and your neighbors can team up and support one another against other campsite thieves.

    Tip #4: Do Some Research

    Hopefully, you and your camping companions did some research to decide which campsite is the best place to pitch your tent. It’s also a good idea to call the camping grounds and speak to a local sheriff or employee to learn about any suspicious activities in the area. They may be able to keep you informed on reported robberies or other areas of concern in regard to your safety.

    Tip #5: Keep Your Food Locked Up And Out of Reach

    Critters love when new campers arrive. Who wouldn’t salivate when a buffet is delivered straight to their backyard? Remember: don’t underestimate nature’s pets. They are much more conniving than you think.

    Store all food in locked coolers or tubs and don’t leave anything within paws reach. It may be best to keep smaller snacks on you at all times since these can easily be misplaced.

    Any food that you plan to use for larger meals should be kept in your vehicle and make sure you clean up properly after you eat. Although the food may be gone, the smell that lingers could attract some unwanted company.

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